TEKUN National Entrepreneurship Institute

Published on: 08/04/2016
Updated on: 30/04/2018


The TEKUN National Entrepreneurship Institute or Institut Keusahawanan TEKUN Nasional (IKTN) was established in 2010 as an entrepreneur development training entity under TEKUN Nasional to complement the role of TEKUN Nasional as a bumiputera entrepreneur development agency that not only provides business capital, but is also directly involved in the development and excellence of its entrepreneurs.


To become an eminent entrepreneurship excellence centre in Malaysia.


To provide quality entrepreneurship training programmes to entrepreneurs, employees and future TEKUN entrepreneurs.


  • To implement entrepreneurship skills training programmes to TEKUN entrepreneurs.
  • To implement entrepreneurship management training programmes to TEKUN Nasional staffs.
  • To implement entrepreneurship enculturation programmes among the general public and future entrepreneurs in Malaysia.
  • To conduct research & development activities, information gathering and publications on entrepreneurship.
  • To provide consultation services in the field of entrepreneurship training and development.

Focus Programmes

TEKUN Entrepreneur Development Training :

  • Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Seminar – To enhance the knowledge and understanding of TEKUN entrepreneurs on the aims of the establishment of TEKUN Nasional, effective marketing strategies & techniques as well as efficient business finance management.
  • Advanced Entrepreneurship Course – To enhance entrepreneurship skills in terms of soft skills and ‘hard skills’ according to the level and needs of entrepreneurs.
  • Pre-Loan Seminar – To provide knowledge to prospective TEKUN Nasional borrowers on existing loan products as well as the means of providing the right loan application documents.
  • Public Entrepreneurship Seminar – To enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs through the latest information sharing, business ideas and strategies that can boost their business performance.

TEKUN Nasional Employees Development Training :-

  • Induction Course – To enhance the understanding of new employees on the functions, administration and operations of TEKUN Nasional.
  • Work Skills/ Reskilling Course – To improve the skills, quality & productivity of TEKUN Nasional employees.
  • Self-Improvement Course – To improve the knowledge and self-qualities of TEKUN Nasional employees.
  • Leadership & Team Strengthening Course – To improve the leadership qualities and teamwork spirit of TEKUN Nasional employees.
  • TEKUN Certified Credit Executive (TCCE) – To improve the credit management skills of TEKUN Nasional employees.
  • ‘Train The Trainer’ Course (TTT) – To enhance skills in conducting training to employees who are directly involved in entrepreneurship training.


  • Entrepreneur Training
  • Staff Training