Privacy Policy

Published on: 02/03/2016
Updated on: 08/07/2019

Privacy Policy

This page explains a privacy policy that covers the use and protection of information submitted by visitors. If you wish to register and make transactions or send emails containing personal information, this information may be shared with other public agencies to assist in the provision of a more efficient and effective services. Examples include in resolving complaints that require feedback from other agencies.


Cookies generated by a web server will only be used to collect information to identify your next browsing. These cookies will not record data permanently and will not even be stored on your computer’s hard drive. It will be deleted once you leave the site.

Log Information

When you visit the site, our web server will automatically record information sent by your internet browser when visiting a website. These server logs will record information such as your web request, internet protocol address, type and language of the web browser, the date and time of your request and cookies that can identify your internet browser.

Data Protection

Latest technologies including data encryption are used to protect data submitted and compliance with strict security standards is applicable to prevent unauthorized access.

Storage Security

All electronic storage and transmission of personal data will be protected and stored using appropriate security technologies.

Collected Information

No personal information will be collected when you browse the site except the information submitted by you via email or the Feedback & Complaint System which is a section protected in this site.

Query or Complaint

If you have any queries or complaints about this privacy policy or website, you may contact our Feedback & Complaint System provided on this website.